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Zero Trust Network Access

COSGrid MicroZAccess FAQ

1. What is Zero Trust?

It is an intelligent and granular access control system that takes into consideration the security context such as User's or device's security posture, location and time etc. Having a Strong & Enhanced Identity for users, devices and Apps and using it to enforce the 'Principles of Least privileges' when accessing resources such as Networks, Systems, Applications and Data.

2. What are all the interesting Use Cases, we can implement Zero Trust Network Access?

  • Secure Remote Access to workloads
  • Alternative to VPN Access
  • Workloads microsegmentation
  • Application Dependency
  • Multi-cloud/ Enterprise / Cloud workloads protection
  • 3.How does ZTNA micro segmentation help to mitigate attacks?

    Only the right person/device/apps with the right 'security confidence' score is given appropriate access. Thereby reducing the chances of data breaches. Note, the resource access allow/deny is dynamic and continuous. Also, through ZTNA micro segmentation, lateral movements of attacker / exploits are restricted. This reduces the overall attack surface and hence the security risk.

    4. Is VLAN/SDN and Micro Segmentation the same?

    Yes, VLAN and SDN are enabling Microsegmentation

    5. Is physical firewall devices necessary for zero trust network Access?

    Physical devices are not necessary. The firewall can be virtual and can run inside a host too.

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