Next Gen Zero Trust Access - ZTNA 2.0 | VPN alternative


MicroZAccess is a Smart Zero Trust Network Access (ZTNA 2.0), an alternative to VPN that securely authenticates the user and seamlessly connects the device to the Cloud through reliable, high performance and encrypted tunnels that offers unparalleled 3X more Security, faster access, enhanced user experience, and finally super easy to set up in 2 mins.

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features of ZTNA

Peer to Peer Overlay model for improved privacy and performance

features of ZTNA

Flexible Deployment - Host/Workload Agent & Gateway approach

features of ZTNA

Integrated Device Trust and Superior Identity MFA based Access

features of ZTNA

Super Simple to Deploy and Manage

features of ZTNA

Platform approach for Comprehensive Security - Support in SD-WAN and SASE

features of ZTNA

Stateful device compliance checks before, and during, a connection Granular policy enforcement

MicroZAccess Highlights

We can solve 4 of the top 5 critical security challenges as identified by AI for your organization.

Key Differentiators



Attack Surface Reduction (Critical Remote Access)



Set-up time 15 minutes



Lower OPEX (Management & Employee costs)

Integration Support

Cloud Integration Support & SSO for the following platforms

GSuite Logo
Okta Logo
Azure Logo
One Login
Zero-Trust Security capabilities

Zero-Trust Security capabilities

Dedicated Certificate Authority (CA) and Enhanced Identity

End-to-End Least Privileges Connectivity with Device Trust

Simple Cloud Workload Protection

Secure Access Orchestration

Secure Access Orchestration

Software-defined Micro-segmentation

ZTA (Zero Trust Access)

Flexible and Layered Protection Approach

Adaptive Authentication and Orchestration

Adaptive Authentication and Orchestration

SSO Single Sign-On

Multi-Factor Authentication

Data Privacy and improved User Experience

Monitoring, Management & API Integration

Monitoring, Management & API Integration

Support for All Platforms

Deployment Options

Centralized Management and Visibility

API Integrations and all round Support


Secure access to applications and resources by consistently verifying and authenticating users and devices, regardless of their location or network settings.

Use Cases

Secure and granular Remote Access of Apps

Enable secure remote access to applications for employees, partners, and contractors.

Implement granular access controls based on user roles, device posture, and contextual factors.

Prevent unauthorized access and protect against data breaches.


Device trust and geofencing provide simple and uncomplicated zero trust access and micro-segmentation

An integrated platform approach to comprehensive security - Support for SD-WANs and SASEs

Deployment and orchestration are simplified along with seamless security

North-South & East-West (In/Out and Within) Perimeter Traffic

Invisibility of assets to external internet sources improves security posture

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