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After the sudden spike in WFH since the onset of COVID-19 and more employees connecting to the Internet with regular broadband connections, a sudden spurt in cyberattacks has been reported. The number 1 priority of the CISOs across the globe currently is to ensure that employees' devices don't become the gateway for minor virus attacks to data loss due to phishing to devastating the APT threats. Also, CIOs & LoB Heads are concerned about the lack of predictable quality of internet connectivity, leading to reduced employee productivity and engagement. This situation is getting exacerbated considering the network is being shared with family members (kids online classes and video streamings), which impacts both available bandwidths (QoS) to the employee and organization security.



Customers can use standalone enterprise-grade business VPN or SD-WAN Lite or both for optimum security and network performance. COSGrid Secure Connect VPN is a smart VPN client in Desktop and mobile form factors, which securely authenticate the user with enterprise WAN Systems and seamlessly connect the device or the enterprise WAN or the Cloud through reliable, high performance and encrypted tunnels.

  • Centralized Management
  • LDAP/AD integration
  • On-demand dedicated Cloud-based VPN gateway
  • Full tunnel/Split tunnel modes
  • IPSec, OpenVPN, OpenConnect options support


Secure and Reliable Connectivity Anywhere, Anytime

Remote branches can now always be connected to the Corporate Head office/DC or Cloud & can access critical apps in real-time with no security issues. No more worries about a malware attack or bad actor intruding on your data. COSGrid RefleX-RPN delivers a superior VPN for securing your branch connectivity.

Improved Employee Productivity & Engagement

COSGrid RefleX-RPN enables your employees to stop worrying about network security and focus more on business-critical, which eventually leads to more productivity—at the same time, preventing any malware or security threat that will reduce your Opex.

Simplified rollout and ease of management

COSGrid RefleX-RPN enables an intelligent and rapid rollout between branches with zero-touch deployment and easy implementation, which prevents and reduces installation time.

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