Zero Glitch, Zero Trust & Zero Touch

Zero Glitch, Zero Trust & Zero Touch
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COSGrid's ReFleX Z3 SD-WAN is a Cloud Managed Software Defined platform designed to transform WAN into a cloud-centric world. It is built to deliver the simplicity, flexibility and cost-effective WANs for any branch office locations and scale also, seamlessly run and integrate with DC locations and Clouds deployed. ReFleX Z3 SD-WAN provides pervasive and unified connectivity for delivering the reliability, provides centralized network management capabilities; automated zero touch provisioning of devices; and end-to-end visibility for validating business policy as well as reporting.

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features of ZTNA


Next Generation Firewall

AES encrypted VPN

URL & Content Filtering

features of ZTNA


WAN balancing and failover

Application based routing

4G/5G failover

features of ZTNA

Application QoS

Multi-path traffic Aggregation

Quality of Service

Network Acceleration

features of ZTNA

Analytics & Management

Real-time traffic reports

NetFlow stats

Log Management


Cloud, IoT and WFH disrupting Enterprise WAN and also the Current Enterprises WAN architectures based on MPLS not suitable for the enhancing attacks and Connectivity problems

Poor User Experience
Lower available bandwidth to per user or application
Business Continuity Risks
Poor network quality & ineffective backup
Unviable Branch Connectivity Costs
Inefficient and costly (10x expensive than Broadband)
Increasing Cost of Data Breaches Y-o-Y
Average cost of breach @ $8.19 mn USD
Deployment and Operations Complexity
Multiple Link types & SLA; Traffic@30% growth y-o-y
Higher Latency and round trip times
Traffic Movement increases the overall round-trip times

How ReFleX Z3 SD-WAN helps?

Key Features at a glance

Unified and Accelerated Access
Resilient & secure access, Scalable security for infrastructure, User experience visibility
Zero Trust platform
Software designed parameters, Distributed SDN/NFV, Micro-segmentation                      
Adaptive orchestration & management
Deep network visibility, intelligent threat detection and mitigation

Branch routers of the past are replaced by ReFleX Z3 SD-WAN. They offer zero-touch configuration, centralised policy and management of appliances, virtual private network (VPN), and dynamic path selection based on business or application policy.

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Key Differentiators

That sets us apart from others

Unified Transport & Service to improve Bandwidth

Multiple Active Links - 4G/5G

Multiple Network Service

Multiple Active Links - 4G/5G

Multiple Network Service

Intelligent Traffic Steering to prevent Downtime

Application based routing

High performance Apps

Application based routing

High performance Apps

Integrated Security that prevents redundancies

Scalable VPN tunnels with zero trust

Easy NGFW functionality

Scalable VPN tunnels with zero trust

Easy NGFW functionality

Ease of Ops at Scale through interactive dashboard

Simple workflow


Simple workflow


Use Cases

The impact on Network Security at your organisation

remote access
Centralized Management through Dashboard
Unifies all Visibility, Documentation and Compliance Issues. Easing the Burden on Firewalls
Secure Branch Internet Access
Secure Internet access to all branch locations. Undisrupted Data Transfers, WAN
acceleration (1)
SaaS Acceleration
Undisrupted user Sessions with Acceleration No Downtime - 24/7 support
Mpls Migration To
Flexibility. Reduction in cost. Switching of Combination of Internet Links (Broadband/4G)
app performacne
Improve Overall Application Performance
Leap in Performance even in Remote Locations. Local break out of Traffic headed to Internet/ Cloud.
centralised management
Anytime Secure Remote Access
Ease of access remotely
network maiantand
Overall Network Security Maintanance
Application-based firewalls, intrusion prevention systems (IPS), and URL filtering
Pickup calls over Broadband
Undisrupted VoIP Calls/Video Session.

Benefits of ReFleX Z3 SD-WAN

That helps your organisation worry less about network security

Zero-glitch Network experience through patented Multi-path traffic Aggregation & Adv Traffic Steering

Zero Trust Access & microsegment using device trust and geo-fencing SaaS Application acceleration

Only NetSecOps platform that delivers Network Security SD-WAN and UEM in single console

3X higher accuracy in detection through multi-pronged approach

Zero Touch operations with simplified management

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