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Product Overview

COSGrid Z3 SASE is a comprehensive network and security solution that combines the principles of Secure Access Service Edge (SASE) with COSGrid's innovative technologies such as: MicroZAccess (ZTNA), Secure Gateway (SIG), RefleX SD-WAN (SD-WAN). It provides enhanced security, zero-trust connectivity, seamless deployment, and simplified management. With advanced threat protection, zero-touch provisioning, and a flexible architecture, COSGrid Z3 SASE ensures robust network performance, centralized security policies, and future readiness. It leverages 5G wireless and existing wired networks to create a secure and reliable connectivity experience, enabling organizations to protect their distributed sites and remote employees efficiently.

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products Overview


of network security that may affect your business

zero (1)
Increasing Sophisticated Zero day attacks
insider (1)
Insider & Supply chain Attacks
time consuming
Expensive & time consuming - Compliances & Governance Challenge
detection (2)
Poor Threat Detection with too many alerts
complexity (1)
Too much Complexity in implementing security policies
Poor Network Visibility and User experience

How COSGrid SASE helps?

Key Features at a glance

A cloud-first architecture
Seamless security experience
zero Attack surface
Zero Trust Network Access

Key Components of COSGrid SASE

Software Defined WAN: ReFleX SD-WAN

Zero Trust Network Access: MicroZAccess

Cloud Security Access Broker: CASB

Secure Internet /web gateway: SWG

Firewall / Cloud Firewall: (Fwas)

Web Application Firewall: WAF

Advanced Threat Protection: NetShield NDR

Unified Management / Digital Experience: DEM

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COSGrid MicroZAccess (ZTNA)

MicroZAccess is a Smart Zero Trust Network Access (ZTNA) client in Desktop which securely authenticates the user and seamlessly connects the device to the Cloud through reliable, high performance and encrypted tunnels.

Peer to Peer Overlay model for improved privacy and performance
Flexible Deployment - Host/Workload Agent & Gateway approach
Integrated Device Trust and Superior Identity MFA based Access
Super Simple to Deploy and Manage

Platform approach for Comprehensive Security - Support in SD-WAN and SASE
Stateful device compliance checks before, and during, a connection Granular policy enforcement

COSGrid SecureGateway (SIG)

SecureGateway is a Secure Internet Gateway (SIG) solution that provides Firewall as a Service (FWaaS). It offers URL and content-based policies, granular app controls, and advanced visibility and reporting features.

office (1)

Selective bypass of Microsoft 365 traffic by better experience


Full or selective SSL decryption

granular control

App visibility and granular controls


URLs Accessed reporting


Granular App controls such as blocking uploads, e-mail attachments


Automated User Provisioning via SAML and AD sync


HTTPS Inspection with Decryption & w/o Decryption


Selective Proxying & Selective Decryption


URL Category and content based allow/deny policies

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Key Features at a glance

Unified and Accelerated Access
Resilient & secure access, Scalable security for infrastructure, User experience visibility
Zero Trust platform
Software designed parameters, Distributed SDN/NFV, Micro-segmentation
Adaptive orchestration & management
Deep network visibility, intelligent threat detection and mitigation

Branch routers of the past are replaced by ReFleX SD-WAN. They offer zero-touch configuration, centralised policy and management of appliances, virtual private network (VPN), and dynamic path selection based on business or application policy.

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Advantages - Z3 SASE

features of ZTNA

3X Improved Threat Detection Multi- pronged Approach

ML based Anomaly Detection

Encrypted Traffic Analytics

MITRE Attack Threat hunting

features of ZTNA

4x Improved App/Workload/ User Protection

Micro-segmentation & Defense in depth

Zero Trust Access

User Entity Behaviour Analysis

features of ZTNA

Faster Threat Detection and Real-time Response

Streaming Big-Data analytics and alerts

SDN Firewall

Hybrid Mesh Firewall

features of ZTNA

Comprehensive Visibility & Insights

Deep Packet Inspection & Protocol Analysis

API Access insight and Compliance ready

Digital Experience Monitoring

features of ZTNA

Seamless & Reliable Secure Channel

Patented Multi-path Link Bonding

Best in class Multi-radio 5G SD-WAN

Fine-grained App Forward Policy

features of ZTNA

Superior Security Orchestration & Converged Security

Easy Ops

Superior TCO

Open API and flexible platform

Benefits of COSGrid SASE

That helps your organisation worry less about network security

Defend against known and unknown threats with Advanced Threat Detection(NDR) / UEBA

Protect data leakage in your SaaS Apps along with Saas Acceleration

Enable a Secure remote workforce and Enforce an Acceptable Use Policy (AUP)

Visibility & Reporting along with Digital Experience Management (DEM)

Reduce administrative complexity and cost effectiveness

Open API & Multi-vendor Data integration support

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Deployment Options

Without affecting the current network security system of your organisation


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