COSGrid NetShield: Network Detect and Response (NDR) Solution for IoT Edge Device Security

Agile approach for threat detection & protection



NetShield NDR, is a comprehensive security solution designed to detect and contain post-breach activities within a network. It plays a crucial role in enhancing the effectiveness of cybersecurity measures by actively monitoring real-time traffic flows and comparing them against historical network connection metadata with NetShield NDR, organizations gain enhanced visibility into their network, enabling proactive response to threats and minimizing the impact of breaches.

features of ZTNA

Comprehensive Visibility

Deep network visibility and analytics

Holistic view of network traffic and behaviors

Enabling informed security decisions.

features of ZTNA

Advanced Threat Detection

Protocol Analysis & Deep Inspection

AI/Big data ML Classification

Anomaly Detection

features of ZTNA

Streamlined Incident Response

Facilitates efficient incident response

Comprehensive investigation tools

Automated response workflows

features of ZTNA

Proactive Threat Hunting

Based on the MITRE ATT&CK framework

Uncover hidden threats

Respond swiftly to security incidents

Security of access for borderless networks

4D Traffic Analysis & Visualization

Auto-discovers and classifies device

Multi-pronged traffic meta-data capture

Adaptive Deep packet inspection, signature

Network Segmentation & Access Contro

Micro-segment and zero trust access using SDN

Encrypted tunnels for channel protection

Monitor & Detect

Learns behavior and detect anomalies in real-time

Threat hunting through intelligence and visualization with contexts

Adaptive Orchestration & Defend

Edge/Distributed intelligence for quick remediation

Security Orchestration and 3rd party integrations


Comprehensive functions

NetShield NDR is also able to consolidate multiple security components into a single superset platform for both detection and response. NDR offers a unified and comprehensive approach to network security by integrating various technologies such as:

Network Traffic Analysis (NTA) to analyze network traffic patterns and identify anomalies or suspicious activities.

Intrusion Detection System (IDS) functionality helps detect known threats and signatures.

Endpoint Threat Analytics (ETA) focuses on analyzing endpoint behavior to identify potential threats.

User and Entity Behavior Analytics (UEBA) adds behavioral analytics to monitor user and entity activities for detecting insider threats or abnormal behaviors.

Threat Hunting Platform (TIP) to leverage threat hunting feeds and enhance threat detection.

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Gaps in Effectiveness

of network security that may affect your business


End Point Detection and Response

  • Agents not installed for all platforms/OS , such as IOT/OT and BYOD
  • Attackers can evade or tamper endpoint agent
  • Difficult to map the attacker movement
  • Provides limited features and threat detection
End Point Detection

Intrusion Detection System

  • Signature based : cannot handle zero-day attacks and sophisticated APTs
  • Lack of device Identification & Classification means lack of context & appropiate response
Intrusion Detection System

Security Information and Event Managment

  • Focus on aggregating and correlating logs
  • Rule based and less on behavior-based anomaly detection
  • Context insensitive
  • Too Many FP's Mean Time to detect(MTTD) is very high
Security Information

Higher Mean time to Detect and Respond: Attacks defected after long intrusion and attack.

Responses are not effective

Lots of fiction in Deployment: Limited features, a lot of tuning required, and expensive

How NetShield NDR helps?

From Signatures to intelligent behavioral detection and more…

To bridge the existing gaps in cybersecurity effectiveness, there is a pressing requirement for:

Need Solution that can

Baseline & Detect Anomalies

Deep Network visibilty & Analysis

TLS Fingerprinting

Encrypted Traffic Analysis


Allow only well-known endpoints

Critical Need is a platform that can be


Context based

Converged / Integrated / Correlating



Benefits of NetShield NDR

That helps your organisation worry less about network security

3X higher accuracy in detection through multi-pronged approach

Industry leading TAT with response time within 30 secs to 1 hour – Local & Edge intelligence

Protection with multiple levels of SLAs & criticality - both Adaptive and policy based for optimal analysis

Ease and effective management through Centralized vs Distributed vs Hybrid anomaly detection

Superior TCO converged product - probes collection to threat detection to threat remediation

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Use Cases

From Signatures to intelligent behavioral detection and more…

detection (3)
Advanced threat detection
vision (2)
Deep network visibility & Analytics
detection (2)
Threat Hunting
Dependency mapping & micro-segmentation
Forensic Investigation
Compliance & Audit

Deployment Options

Without affecting the current network security system of your organisation


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