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COSGrid NGFW Overview

COSGrid’s NFRxG, is a Next Generation Firewall(NGFW) that a offers robust and adaptive security through a flexible Software Defined Security platform with a Zero Trust Architecture approach in today's continously evloving threat landscape. Moving beyond the conventional perimter model of Firewall and traffic rule policies and inspection, COSGrid NGFW is uniquely equipped to combine behavioral based anomaly detection with signature based threat detection, encrypted traffic analytics and deep-packet inspection to identify threats in real-time and protect users, data and organiztion from zero day attacks.

features of ZTNA

NG Firewall Throughput of 200 Mbps - 4 Gbps

features of ZTNA

Threat Protection 200 Mbps - 1 Gbps

features of ZTNA

IPS 300 Mbps - 5 Gbps

features of ZTNA

Customizable rule-set and signatures

features of ZTNA

Secure Zero Trust Remote Access

features of ZTNA

Compliance and Regulatory - data Protection, GDPR etc..

AI/ML Based NGFW Powered by Zero Trust Security ZTNA 2.0 & Advanced Threat Protection

AI/ML Based NGFW Powered by Zero Trust Security ZTNA 2.0 & Advanced Threat Protection

COSGrid NFRXG Next Gen Firewall stands out from other firewall as,

Complete next-gen firewall capability that is specifically designed to deliver the best protection and performance for the modern encrypted internet.

Integrates with COSGrid Netshield NDR, enabling Automated Threat Response and Synchronized Security to effectively mitigate threats before they can cause any significant damage

Extensive SD-WAN capabilities with ReFleX SD-WAN , allowing you to easily and securely orchestrate and interconnect your various offices and locations.

Support for our SSE and SASE cloud-delivered network security solutions including MicroZAccess ZTNA, SIG/SWG

Secure and easy remote Access with ZTNA 2.0 feature

Detailed Visiblity and Network Traffic with the centralised dashboard.


Web & Content Filtering

Control access to websites and website categories

Block access to malicious content or websites

Customizable filtering rules to meet educational requirements

COSGrid NGFW Advantages

detection (1)
Behaviour based Anomaly Detection using COSGrid NetShield NDR
Seamless Protection & Performance enabled by High Performace Appliance
Best in Protection through Proof point ETPro subscription or equvivalent for IDS/IPS signatures
Single Management Console for managing multiple NGFirewall with Consolidated analytics
Zero Trust and cloud-based web gateway reduce security risk for critical users.
Adaptive Policy & Rules tunning for seamless operations with Hi-touch support

NGFW Benefits

Comprehensive network filtering appliance that can perform multiple functions- firewall, intrusion prevention system (IPS), web filtering, etc.

Secure Zero Trust Access to all necessary applications on Organisation networks both On-prem & cloud

Multi-vendor Management with seamless integration of various security controls in your network

Comprehensive visibility - Possess a thorough understanding of the users, hosts, applications, and content present on enterprise networks

Imperative to have safeguards in place to counter both known and unknown threats

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