COSGrid Security Analyser and Responder (SAR): Cloud and On-Prem Security Analytics Platform

COSGrid Security Analyser and Responder

Adaptive Orchestration and Defend analytics platform hosted in Cloud and on-prem

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COSGrid Security Analyser and Responder

COSGrid SAR provides Software Defined Security (SDS) through a big-data & ML security analytics platform hosted in the Cloud and on-prem that provides real-time detection of zero-day attacks and anomaly detection through baselined behaviors of endpoints, users and IoT devices. It enables real-time traffic visualization, threat hunting and provides response through integrations with policy enforcement points.


On-Prem SAR

On-Prem SAR

  • Vmware: vmdk & ova image
  • KVM: qcow2 image
  • Container: docker compose (PoCs)
  • Kubernetes: Helm

Adaptive Orchestration & Defend

Adaptive Orchestration & Defend

  • Edge/Distributed intelligence for quick remediation
  • Security Orchestration and 3rd party integrations

Monitor & Detect

Monitor & Detect

  • Learns behavior and detect anomalies in real-time
  • Threat hunting through intelligence and visualization with contexts


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