COSGrid RefleX-Edge: Intelligent SD-WAN Gateway for Higher Application Performance and Secure Connectivity

COSGrid RefleX-Edge

Higher application performance, pervasive and secure connectivity for all your digital journeys.

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COSGrid RefleX-Edge

COSGrid RefleX Edge is an intelligent SD-WAN gateway Deployed at Branch, cloud and data center that delivers superior application performance and Edge security like

Dynamic application policy and WAN link quality-based traffic steering

Delivers Comprehensive routing, Stateful/NGFW Firewall, Encrypted overlay tunnels, NAT, and Application QoS

Supports a variety of underlay transport including broadband, 4G/5G, Wi-Fi, MPLS, and DIA.

Flexible deployment models with form factors across on-prem, Data Center, Hypervisor and Cloud


Intelligent Branch Gateway

Intelligent Branch Gateway

Real-time configuration and programmability of vCPE along with traffic intelligence & other network services, makes RefleX Edge Gateway the ideal network platform for Cloud and IoT centric world.

Pervasive WAN Service

Pervasive WAN Service

RefleX Edge Gateway empowers the remote Branch Offices with higher bandwidth & real-time connectivity with Corporate Offices and Cloud Offices.

Superior Application Performance

Superior Application Performance

RefleX Edge Gateway provides faster and uninterrupted application sessions through its intelligent path selection, multi-path aggregation and acceleration.


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