COSGrid Secure Software Defined Platform

Provide 3x improved business continuity | Reduced risk due to superior threat detection and mitigation through NDR | 50% lower costs and 10x higher bandwidth

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Make a leap towards Agile, Flexible and Resilient WAN

COSGrid RefleX-WAN makes deploying and operating WANs super easy while delivering a leap in network service quality through transformation of traditional WANs using best of breed network technologies. COSGrid solution has been engineered as an extensible platform to supports a variety of link types, such as MPLS, Leased Line, broadband Internet and 4G LTE etc. And having built with open interfaces, it makes easier to support enhanced features and interop of other vendor devices.


COSGrid MicroZAccess

Powered with Zero Trust Network Access (ZTNA) and Microsegmentation

Alternative VPN with Zero Trust security
Secure IP access
Zero Trust segmentation


COSGrid RefleX-Edge

RefleX Edge Gateway is a line of physical and virtual gateway that is deployed at the perimeter of a site, such as branch office, campus etc.

Intelligent Branch Gateway
Pervasive WAN Service
Superior Application Performance
High performance and highly resilient WAN

Assured WAN performance for your business Apps through Dynamic Multi-path selection – Meaningful SLA with increased availability.,Aggregate multiple cost effective prevalent broadband links – xDSL, Cable and LTE into a virtual, high bandwidth WAN links – Increased throughput

Seamless Security and Service Orchestration

On-demand Secure VPNs - Automated IPsec tunnels between 1000+ branches without any operational overheads for a single VPN,End to End Network segmentation with full routing & rerouting support

Simplified Deployment and Service Orchestration

Easy Edge Gateway-(vRouter) Bring-up by initiating self-configuration mode, Easy patch upgrades, centralized policy configurations and changes.,Rapid provisioning of Network Functions (like Firewall, WAN acceleration) both in COSGrid Edge Gateway and COSGrid Cloud gateways and using NFV architectures.

Simplified Management

Centralized Network performance Visibility and Control of various business Apps.,Automated, Seamless & Cost effective WAN Operations.,Eliminates complexity and error-prone policy changes in the live / production network

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