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Connect your branch offices and Clouds with a resilient COSGrid RefleX-WAN.

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COSGrid Networks delivers an enhanced Application & User Experience (UX) through the transformation of your WAN, by connecting the branch offices and the Clouds into a high performing and resilient Elastic WAN.


Due to the increased adoption of SaaS, Cloud, and social media applications, almost 70% of total enterprise/branch traffic on the MPLS based WAN is actually headed to the Internet only. In addition, branch traffic growth is expected to be more than 30% Y-O-Y due to higher adoption of real-time applications (incl. UC, Live Video Streaming, IoT, and Security Apps). Given this context, the existing centralized MPLS WAN architecture is not able to meet the changing IT landscape due to

  •    Poor application performance and user experience due to traffic trombone
  •    Expensive proposition considering stagnant IT/WAN budgets
  •    Inflexible deployments and complex to manage


The branch/DC MPLS VPN links to be transformed to RefleX HybNet by augmenting the site/office with one or more Internet links. COSGrid RefleX HybNet delivers a best-of-the-breed solution that seamlessly combines the predictability of MPLS VPN services along with the flexibility & pervasiveness of the Internet.

  •    QoS policies for business-critical traffic
  •    Link quality and business policy-based traffic steering (MPLS and Internet)
  •    Adaptive Multi-path traffic aggregation (MPLS and Internet).
  •    Authenticated and Encrypted traffic end-to-end
  •    Network Acceleration for chatty apps


  •    Higher productivity due to superior Application experience
  •    At least 30% lower Opex
  •    At least 5x more traffic for new-age productive applications
  •    Agility and Ease of Management.

COSGrid Benefits

Remain always connected & Real-Time Apps

Remote branches can now always be connected to the Corporate Head office/DC or Cloud & can access critical apps in real-time. No more offline mode & delays in transactions; means greater business agility and productivity. COSGrid RefleX-WAN delivers superior WAN connectivity along with branch network security.

Rapid rollout of branches

COSGrid RefleX-WAN enables an intellegent and rapid rollout of branches through a combination of zero touch provisioning, vCPE, multi-path aggregation and remote management.

Easy WAN Ops through Network Automation

Multiple Links, Multiple Applications & User groups at each branch office create huge complexities in WAN management. COSGrid’s central network controller, Guider simplifies these operations in a zero-touch model with real-time network visibility & configuration templates in a single pane glass of management.

Reduces Network Costs

COSGrid RefleX-WAN delivers an enterprise grade network SLA and increases bandwidth using cost-effective consumer grade internet links pervasive everywhere through COSGrid’s network technological innovations.This means more than 50% lower Opex costs on WAN.