Reflex HybWan

Connect your branch offices and Clouds with a resilient COSGrid RefleX-WAN

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COSGrid Networks delivers an enhanced Application & User Experience (UX) through the transformation of your WAN, by connecting the branch offices and the Clouds into a high performing and resilient Elastic WAN.


Businesses are rapidly adopting Cloud/SasS, IoT, and Social Apps. It’s driving the critical requirements for high quality and high-speed bandwidth for WAN and Internet services. Even the variety of internal applications that are deployed is increasing steadily. This increased digitization of the operations means the dire need for Enterprise Applications against link outages, network congestion, and network brownouts. MPLS based WAN is not a suitable solution in many scenarios due to given below factors:

  •    Not cost-effective considering increasing bandwdith needs
  •    Remote locations or locations where wirelines last-mile choices not available
  •    Poor application performance and user experience due to traffic trambone
  •    Inflexible deployments and complex to manage


The Branch/Head office needs to be transformed with RefleX InWAN by augmenting the site/office with one or more Internet links.

COSGrid RefleX InWAN deliver a leap in the availability of higher bandwidth, quality, and secure network secure by leveraging the flexibility & pervasiveness of the Internet (including Broadband, 4G, Cable, VSAT, and Internet Leased Line)

  •    QoS policies for business-critical traffic.
  •    Link quality and business policy-based traffic steering (between Internet links)
  •    Adaptive Multi-path traffic aggregation
  •    Authenticated and Encrypted traffic end-to-end
  •    Network Acceleration for chatty apps


  •    Higher productivity due to superior Application experience.
  •    Enables a better integration of multiple sites & applications seamlessly.
  •    Agile rollout of branches at scale and ease of management.

COSGrid Benefits

High Performance Apps & Improved resiliency

All the links (MPLS, Business Internet, Broadband, 4G) are active so that each branch location has access to the entire aggregated amount in addition to WAN resiliency and uninterrupted applications. Policies can be configured to steer the traffic into links that match applications traffic requirements like real-time quality sensitive apps such as VoIP be transmitted over the network links with the lowest packet loss and latency – whether the link is MPLS VPN or Internet broadband.

Seamless Security enabling Cloud DR Operation

COSGrid RefleX-WAN provides automated secure tunnels with 128- or 256-bit AES encryption and along with PKI infrastructure, network segmentation and host of other security features to enable running Cloud DR in public cloud easier with various role-based access policies.

Easy WAN Ops through Network Automation

Multiple Links, Multiple Applications, and user groups at each branch office mean tremendous complexities in WAN management. COSGrid’s central network controller, Guider simplifies the operations in a zero-touch model with real-time network visibility and configuration templates in a single pane glass of management.

Reduces Network Costs

COSGrid RefleX-WAN delivers enterprise grade network SLA and higher bandwidth using cost-effective consumer grade internet links pervasive everywhere through COSGrid’s network tech innovations. This means more than 50% lower Opex costs on WAN