CyberSecurity Grand Challenge

Excited and thrilled that COSGrid Networks is one of 6 winners in the MVP stage of #CyberSecurity Grand Challenge organized by Data Security Council of India along with Ministry of Electronics & Information Technology It's been awesome experience for the team to immerse in many new technolgies and connect them coherently towards the solution. Our thanks to #DSCI and #Meity for their support and connecting us with leading CIO/CISOs as mentors. Kudos to the Team COSGrid. Congrats to the our 5 peer teams. Visit here for more details:

Happy and thrilled to share that COSGrid has won stage 1 of the “Cyber Security Grand challenge” by #DSCI along with #Meity.
COSGrid's patent on Adaptive multi-path traffic -SD WAN

We're excited to share that COSGrid has been granted the patent on "ADAPTIVE AND SEAMLESS TRAFFIC STEERING AMONG MULTIPLE PATHS BASED ON APPLICATION QOE NEEDS" by The Patent Office, India. This innovation is foundation to our Secure SD-WAN offering, COSGrid RefleX-WAN. We look forward to make this technology & solution widely available to cusotmers in this new year 2021 #sdwan #cybersecurity #startupindia