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The Hub that brings close the Cloud power simply and securely.

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Secure Connect is a desktop application (Windows, macOS, and Linux devices) that runs on and extends Secure Connect to client devices (i.e., Windows devices, MacOS devices, iOS devices, Linux devices, and smartphones). COSGrid's Secure Access Client creates a secure and encrypted connection from remote devices to the distributed system of COSGrid CloudNF Hubs with application segmentation and SD-WAN services.



GlobalProtect safeguards your mobile workforce by using the capabilities of your Next-Generation Firewall to inspect all traffic—incoming and outgoing.


Enable always-on IPsec/SSL VPN connection between a variety of endpoints and operating systems to deliver transparent access to sensitive data without risk. Quarantine compromised devices with immutable characteristics on internal and external networks.


Eliminate blind spots in your mobile workforce traffic with full visibility across all network traffic, applications, ports, and protocols.


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