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Cyber Resilency simplified with Smart SASE NetSecOps

COS - Class of Services for Data through Secure Systems and Networks with reliable and agile communications

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Grid Approach - Modular, Organized, Responsive, Scalable and Easy to collaborate

Company Overview

COSGrid Networks is a leading networking and cybersecurity products company that delivers secure access and protection to users, data, applications, and workloads across offices, clouds, remote sites, and WFH users anywhere. COSGrid is one of the few unified SASE companies globally that enables ‘Cyber-resilience Simplified’ for organizations with advanced threat detection, zero trust architecture capabilities, and patented adaptive SD-WAN-based traffic steering to deliver seamless connectivity across WAN links, including 4G/5G. Our advanced solution not only enhances the overall security posture but also minimizes the risk of data breaches and ensures the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of critical information. With our AI/Big data ML-based Cybersecurity solutions , organizations can stay one step ahead of Attackers and safeguard their digital assets effectively.

Zero Trust Access with Ubiquitous & Reliable Connectivity

Holistic Security & Advanced Threat Protection

Deep Network Visibility & Seamless Security Orchestration

Product Areas : SD-WAN | SASE | ZTNA | NDR | NG Firewall | IoT Gateways | DEM

Architecture & Management : On-Premise | Cloud | Hybrid


The leadership team at COSGrid has many decades of experience in the networking and network security technologies developing and launching global products. They have handson experience in running in some of the largest IP/MPLS networks and managed security services. In addition, with COSGrid’s patented innovations in SD-WAN & SASE and armed with recent capabilities such as cloud-native security orchestration with AI/ML, COSGrid is transforming the SD-WAN and SASE for enterprises.


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