Resilient & Responsive Connectivity
Automated &
Converged Security
User Experience &
Easy Ops

Our Software-Defined WAN solution enables nimble operations for Enterprises through simplified orchestration of a secure and reliable networks on the premises and the cloud.

Why Enterprises Choose COSGrid ?

Boost App Performance
  Unbreakable App Sessions
  Multi-WAN link Aggregation
  Application Acceleration
Capex & Opex down by 50%
  Migrate from MPLS to Internet
  10X more Bandwidth
  Flexible HW options
Secure Apps & Users
  Secure & Hardened Edge
  Resilient Encrypted Tunnels
  Automated Access Controls
Simplify Operations
  One tab for complete management
  Zero-touch with real-time Alarms
  Scale using Network automation

Our Approach

Networking, Security & Cloud
Networking, Security & Cloud

Integrated, optimized and an effective solution at the intersection

High Performant Resilient WAN
High Performant Resilient WAN

Best-in-class patented technology that leverages multiple WAN links, access types


Aligned with your enterprise business model and enabled by Software defined approach

Extendable Platform
Extendable Platform

Standards based with open APIs and hence no vendor lock-in. Easy to integrate

Top 5 Finalist & Second Stage Winner