Resilient & Responsive Connectivity
Automated &
Converged Security
User Experience &
Easy Ops

Our Software-Defined WAN solution enables nimble operations for Enterprises through simplified orchestration of a secure and reliable networks on the premises and the cloud.

Why Enterprises Choose COSGrid ?

Boost App Performance
  Unbreakable App Sessions
  Multi-WAN link Aggregation
  Application Acceleration
Capex & Opex down by 50%
  Migrate from MPLS to Internet
  10X more Bandwidth
  Flexible HW options
Secure Apps & Users
  Secure & Hardened Edge
  Resilient Encrypted Tunnels
  Automated Access Controls
Simplify Operations
  One tab for complete management
  Zero-touch with real-time Alarms
  Scale using Network automation

Our Customers

Top 5 Finalist & Second Stage Winner
Patent on Adaptive multi-path traffic SD-WAN